Bobbin thread showing on top

You’re working on your embroidery project full of enthusiasm, everything is prepared and suddenly your bobbin thread is showing on top of the hoop and ruins your whole motive! We want to spare you this trouble so here are some tips for you that might solve the problem.

Adjusting your embroidery machine

First you should make sure your embroidery machine is adjusted perfectly. You can find a summery of the first steps on your machine here. Moreover it’s important that you use a special bobbin thread which is very thin and especially designed for embroidering.

The thread tension

Now you’ve prepared everything safely on your embroidery machine but the bobbin thread is showing on top still, it’s probably because of the thread tension. The lower thread and the upper thread have to be in due proportion to each other so the threads are plaited right underneath the garment. If one is tighter and the other one looser, the looser one is pulled on the side of the tighter thread and it’s showing on top of the hoop.

The same is of course for the other way around. If the upper thread is too loose, it’s pulled to the backside of the motive.

The three tension regulator on your embroidery machine

The thread tension regulator on your embroidery machine

What to do?

So when your embroidery machine bobbin thread showing on top you can solve the problem by loosening the upper thread a little. If it already is very loose, you can tighten the tension of the bobbin thread by turning the little bolt on the bobbin case about one quarter. Especially older machines have this problem because the bobbin cases widen by the use. You can control the tension of the bobbin case by taking the case out and holding it at the end of the bobbin thread. If the case now slides softly downwards, the tension is correct. If it goes too fast, the tension ist too loose and it it’s not moving, the tension is too tight.

How to check the bobbin thread tension

How to check the bobbin thread tension

Unfortunately on some machines it’s not possible to turn the bolt, so the tension is adjusted by the producer.

In this case it can be helpful to buy an extra embroidery bobbin case which is adjusted precisely for embroidering.

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