Which embroidery machine to buy? (Entry-level)

You still bother with the decision to buy an embroidery machine starter model? In the following article we present you the general advantages and disadvantages of starter models and show embroidery machines from Brother, Singer and Bernette.

Basic principles of the embroidery machine (entry-level model)

We just assume that you have already implemented great projects with a sewing machine. You may be looking for a better sewing machine to make your sewing projects even more professional. At the same time, you are playing with the idea of expanding your new sewing machine with an embroidery function? Manufacturers such as Brother, Singer and Bernette offer combined entry-level models.

With an embroidery machine, your sewing work can be enhanced and customized individually. Intermediates manually create  stitching of names, spells or even complex objects even with the sewing machine manually, but whoever has seen the speed and precision of embroidering an embroidery machine would like to own an embroidery machine.

Embroidery module of an embroidery machine

Embroidery module of an embroidery machine

General advantages and disadvantages of the embroidery machine

The manufacturers have been thinking. The step towards your own embroidery machine is often combined with the desire to buy a slightly better sewing machine. For a few hundred euros more, the manufacturers offer combined embroidery and sewing machines. The sewing is replaced by an embroidery foot and the feed table is replaced by a embroidery module. Depending on the fabric to be embroidered, the needle may have to be changed. Voilà, a fully functional, space-saving embroidery machine.

Similar to cars, there is, of course, the middle and upper class among the embroidery machines. Although they can not sew predominantly, they are characterized by more precise technology and larger embroidery surfaces. Entry-level models are usually very limited in the embroidery surface, so larger motifs can not be implemented.

Decisive for the choice of an embroidery machine is not only the range of functions, but also the price. A wise saying of an old man was: I am too poor to buy cheap things. With this he would like to say that cheap is not always good and potentially expensive follow-up costs arise up to new purchase. Entry models for embroidery machines cost around a thousand euros.

Which entry-level model should I buy?

We start with the Brother Innov-is 950 / 955. Both models are still distributed and differ in the software and the design of the lilac-colored flowers on the front. The manufacturer can gladly dispense the flowers or offer it as an option in the case of follow-on models. The machine, manufactured in Asia, is very user-friendly and explains a possible function step via a monochrome graphic display with touch function or informs about an empty or non-threaded bobbin thread. The automatic threader is also positive. The embroidery surface (hoop) is 10 x 10 cm. The quality of the machine is good, the processed plastic could be something more valuable. Format: .PES. Price: approx. 950, – EUR.

The second entry-level model is the Bernette Chicago 7. Similar to the brother machine, it also has a bottom and top thread monitor, a monochrome graphic display and can be converted from a sewing machine to an embroidery machine. A not unimportant difference is the larger embroidery area of 11 x 17 cm. In addition, the Bernette Chicago 7 comes with the Embroidery Software Customizer, a software for creating your own embroidery designs. However, you can not expect too much, since professional software costs several thousand euros. Format: .EXP. Price: about 1.200, – EUR.

As a third machine, we present the Singer Legacy SE 300. The model is priced higher than the previous models, but with an LCD display and an embroidery frame of the size 26 x 15 cm significantly more comfort and possibilities. The model receives software updates via a USB stick and also comes with a simple software for the customization of stick files. With 700 stitches per minute, the Singer Legacy SE 300 is nearly twice as fast as the Brother Innov-is 955 (400 stitches / minute). Format: .XXX. Price: 1.399, – EUR.

Conclusion on embroidery machines starter model

Now we have given a small overview for embroidery beginner model. All models are combined machines and can sew as well as embroider. If you implement a combined sewing and stitching project, the machine must of course be rebuilt again. Also, the size of the embroidery frame (hoop) limits the motif to be embroidered. Nevertheless the beginner models fascinate already, when you see the hoop set in position by magic hand.

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