give $10, get $10

Invite a friend via Facebook, Twitter or e-mail and she gets 10 Euro welcome credit as a new customer, and you get $10 credited, as a small thank you.

1. Invite Friends

Invite your friends via email, Facebook or Twitter! (Link below, you must already be registered as a customer.)

2. Friends buy

Your referred friends will receive a welcome credit of $10 as new customers via your voucher code.

3. get credit

After successful purchase of your friends with your coupon code you will receive $10 credit into your personal Makema account.


You must be at least 18 years of age to participate in the “Refer a Friend” promotion. Please note our terms and conditions.

Please Login

You must have an account to refer a friend.

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conditions for participation

  1. In order to participate with ” Refer a Friend “, you need your own Makema account, with which you have successfully bought before.
  2. When you refer friends, you send out a personal coupon code. This is valid for 4 weeks. By all new customers, who buy with your coupon code with, you receive a credit of $10 from us into your Makema account.
  3. You must be at least 18 years of age. If you send the link by email, you must have obtained the explicit permission of the addressee before sending it.
  4. Refer a friend is only allowed for private purposes.
  5. The recruited person cannot have an existing Makema account yet. Even not under another e-mail address.
  6. Self-promotion is not eligible for subsidies.
  7. The benefits are only valid with a minimum order value of $20.
  8. The credit will be credited to your personal Makema account. The credit is not transferable. A cash payment is not possible.
  9. Should the suspicion of fraud occur, in particular through self-advertisement, we also reserve the right to exclude participants from the bonus program.