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Roses have always been a classic gift. A bouquet of roses can bring a lot of joy to the recipient. At Makema, the flower of love is now also available as a rose embroidery design.

The embroidery design rose is also suitable as a gift, just like a fresh bouquet of flowers. Embroider the rose on different self sewn or already existing, purchased pieces and make the person receiving the present a great pleasure. For example, a make-up bag embroidered with roses, a scarf, a small pillowcase or a simple backpack is a great gift. The rose can also be embroidered as a patch and then sewn on or glued on with textile adhesive. And best of all: unlike a fresh bouquet, this enchanting embroidery file Rose will never wither!

Of course, the embroidery design rose does not necessarily have to be associated with a gift – even if it is perfectly suited for it. You can also use the rose for your own projects. For example, for different decorations for your living room or bedroom. Or on a top or T-shirt the embroidery file Rose looks very noble.

The symbolism of roses

As with all embroidery designs, you are of course free to choose the thread colours you want to use. Of course you can go into the classical meanings of the rose color! Traditionally, the colour of flowers says a lot about a relationship or about oneself. We have a small overview for you, which colour of a rose expresses what:

Red: Red roses are of course a classic gift of love. Red roses stand for unconditional and passionate love.
Orange: Orange roses with their warm, bright colour stand for security and happiness.
Pink: Roses in the colour pink represent a weakened form of red roses. Rosa stands for a very fresh love that is still in its infancy.
Purple: Purple roses are in a similar colour world as the pink roses mentioned above. Accordingly, their symbolism is similar. But since they are very rare, their meaning is even more intense and stands for amazing love at first sight!
Yellow: Yellow roses are particularly suitable as a gift for acquaintances and joy, since they stand primarily for fun. In a relationship they can be perceived as misleading, as they can also express jealousy.
Blue: Blue roses do not occur in nature in this way, they can only be dyed artificially. Accordingly, their symbolism also stands for unfulfilled longing and rebellion.
White: Like the colour white in general, it stands for innocence and loyalty in the language of flowers.
Black: Black roses are less suitable as a gift, as they could also be perceived as a threat. Black stands for grief, misfortune or even death. It can also be interpreted as mysticism and adventure.
With this little overview you may be able to customize your embroidery file Rose even better to your own needs. Either for a gift or your free projects!

Embroidery file rose (example of use)
The embroidery file Rose comes in the size 10x10cm and can be downloaded immediately after receipt of payment. Have fun embroidering!

Are you looking for an entire bouquet of flowers as an embroidery file? Then take a look here!

Machine embroidery design 10x10 hoop

The machine embroidery designs can be embroidered in a 10×10 hoop or larger frame. The embroidery design is available in the formats: .pes .pec .exp .vip .vp3 .pcs .hus .xxx .jef .dst and .sew. and can be downloaded directly.

»Download embroidery design« step by step

rose embroidery design Rose 🌹 tablet hand touchscreen rose embroidery design Rose 🌹 tablet hand touchscreen1. Choose format

Our machine embroidery designs are available in many popular embroidery formats. If you are not sure which format you need, here is an overview of embroidery formats for your embroidery machine.

rose embroidery design Rose 🌹 Money credit card payment rose embroidery design Rose 🌹 Money credit card payment2. Checkout

If you pay for your shopping cart conveniently via PayPal or credit card, the embroidery design files are immediately available for download. If you decide to transfer the money, the embroidery design files will be activated on receipt of payment.

rose embroidery design Rose 🌹 naehmaschine 01 2 rose embroidery design Rose 🌹 naehmaschine 01 23. Unlimited Embroidery

Your embroidery design files are now available for an unlimited period of time. So you can download the embroidery design files 24/7 when you need them.

Create machine embroidery design

All machine embroidery designs were drawn by hand as illustrations on the iPad, then converted into an embroidery file and embroidered to perfection for testing.

Stickdatei Krabbe iPad Tablet zeichnen rose embroidery design Rose 🌹 2017 04 embroidery design makema crab 01 1 rose embroidery design Rose 🌹 2017 04 embroidery design makema crab 01 1

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I download machine embroidery design files?

In our machine embroidery design shop you will find a great selection of pretty, matching and unusual embroidery designs. To download an embroidery design file, first select the appropriate file type that your embroidery machine requires and confirm with the button “Add to shopping cart”.

When you have all the embroidery designs in your shopping cart, proceed to checkout. If you do not have an account yet, entering your payment information will automatically create a personal account for you.

After payment has been made, the embroidery design files are immediately available for download. In addition, we will send you an e-mail with all important information.

What file format does my embroidery machine use?

If you are unsure which file format your embroidery machine needs, we have compiled an overview of common file formats for embroidery machines here.

Machine embroidery design files are available for download in the following file formats: .exp, .pec, .pes, .xxx, .vp3, .vip, .hus, .pcs, .jef, .sew. The following embroidery machine manufacturers support at least one of the above formats: Brother, Babylock, Bernina, Compucon, Singer, Husqvarna Viking, Pfaff, Janome.

Safe payment: PayPal, credit card or bank transfer?

You can pay securely in our shop. We use secure SSL encryption for every transmission. You can recognize this by the lock symbol at the top of the address character line.

To ensure this security, we pay a sum of money for each transaction. To avoid paying more for small orders, we share the costs for all orders < 10 € with our customers.

Carefree: Unlimited download of embroidery design files.

Many embroidery shops only allow you to download the purchased embroidery files to a limited extent. With us you can download the purchased embroidery files for an unlimited period of time.

So if you ever lose your embroidery design file, you will always find the latest version in your user account.

Private or commercial?

We make no difference whether you use an embroidery designs for private or commercial purposes. We have one rule: Embroider your embroidery designs yourself and do not pass it on illegally.

Stickdatei Rose

Rosen Stickdatei rose embroidery design Rose 🌹 stickdatei rose 02 1400x933

Rosen Stickdatei (Anwendungsbeispiel)

Additional information

Weight 10260 kg
Dimensions 82.4 × 72.5 cm
File type

Brother / Babylock / Bernina (EXP PEC PES), Compucon / Singer (XXX), Husqvarna Viking / Pfaff (VP3 VIP HUS PCS), Janome (JEF SEW), W6 (DST)


black, light pink, pink, white


Embroidery file with specified variables, PDF with information


10 x 10 cm


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