hand lettering “I am very busy”


For pupils, students and stressed office chair turners. Download the hand lettering “I am very Busy” as an embroidery design for your next sewing project.



hand lettering “I am very busy”

We rush from appointment to appointment, push ourselves by the full subways of the city, eat our breakfast bread while walking and stand anyway always at the slowest cash… We’re all so busy, very busy, in this fast-paced time. We always try to please everyone and often forget the most important thing: ourselves. Set a sign with this writing for the deceleration and against the hectic and show the world that you are perhaps just once very busy with things, which are important to yourself? Enjoy your life, meet friends, take your creative projects and work in progress. One may also be very busy with beautiful things! Ideally you can embroider with this writing also a present for friends or colleagues, whom you always wanted to tell that they should look more at themselves and care less about others.

Have fun for your next project!

Schriftzug: I am very busy

hand lettering: I am very busy

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Weight 6141 kg
Dimensions 65.0 × 75.6 cm
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Brother / Babylock / Bernina (EXP PEC PES), Compucon / Singer (XXX), Husqvarna Viking / Pfaff (VP3 VIP HUS PCS), Janome (JEF SEW)




Embroidery file with specified variables, PDF with information


10 x 10 cm


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