Perfect file format for my embroidery machine?


The large number of manufacturers of embroidery machines in turn use a variety of different file format to bring the desired motif to the fabric. But which file format for my embroidery machine do I need? Makema offers different file format for the download files.

History of embroidery machine & file format

The first embroidery machine has been developed in 1829. But the technology did not function as desired, so that this was first forgotten. This machine has been developed in 1850 and became a growing branch of industry in St. Gallen (CH).

Embroidery machine connections, e.g. USB-port file format

Embroidery machine connections, e.g. USB-port

However, our current embroidery machines are not comparable with the embroidery machines of the time thanks to the invention of electricity and the continuous development of existing technology. Using a USB stick and even a direct connection to the computer, the desired embroidery motif can be transferred digitally via the stick file. But which file format is needed for my embroidery machine?



Bernina Artista 200
Bernina Artista 185
Bernina Artista 180
Bernina Artista Aurora 430/440


Bernina Artista 830
Bernina Deco 340


.ART oder .EXP

Bernina Artista 630, 640
Bernina Artista 730

.art oder .pes

Bernina Deco 330



Babylock EMP
Babylock Ellegante
Babylock Ellageo
Babylock Esante
Babylock Ellure



Brother PC-8500
Brother PC-8200
Brother PC-6500
Brother PE 400D
Brother PE 150
Brother SE-270
Brother PE-170
Brother PE-180
Brother PE-700

.PES oder .DST

Brother PR-600
Brother Innovis 4000
Brother Innovis 2500
Brother Innovis 1000
Brother ULT



Elna 8100


.jef oder .sew

Elna 8300
Elna 9500



Husqvarna/Viking Designer 1


Husqvarna/Viking Designer II
Husqvarna/Viking Rose, Iris, 1+


Husqvarna/Viking Platinum
Husqvarna/Viking SE



Janome MB4
Janome MC 200 E
Janome MC 350 E
Janome 11000
Janome 10000
Janome 10001
Janome 300E
Janome 9700
Janome 9500



Janome 9000
Janome 5700



Pfaff 7550
Pfaff 7562
Pfaff 7570


.VP3 oder .VIP

Pfaff 2140
Pfaff 2144
Pfaff 2170


Pfaff 2124
Pfaff 2134
Pfaff Creative Vision



Singer Quantum XL1000
Singer Quantum XL5000
Singer Quantum XL6000


We have compiled this overview of file-format on the basis of the hander information. We assume no liability for the correctness. If an information is missing or is faulty, please send us a message!


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